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Radio & Web - Do your online ads hit the right audience?

This week, we'd like to share with you some interesting information regarding online display advertising (web banners) and some of the latest changes in the online advertising landscape.  Companies and organizations are beginning to ask tough questions about where and when their display ads are shown to website visitors.

As a radio broadcaster, Durham Radio Inc. own and operate several online properties. There is a website for each of our 6 radio stations, both mobile and desktop versions, a very popular news website (www.durhamradionews.com), mobile apps, radio streaming players, and social & digital media channels.

What we have built is a target-able and wide-spread network of digital content that speaks to each of the various demographics that each of our radio stations is programmed toward.  We then provide display advertising options to our advertisers, across our network of digital touch points.

When combined with a proper radio advertising campaign, display ads re-target our core audiences, reinforcing the advertiser's message and pushing our advertiser's potential new customers further down the marketing funnel.


The article linked below discusses a few aspects of display advertising.  It shows how some companies have reacted to changes in how, where, and when their display ads are shown to online users.

At Durham Radio Inc. we had a goal from the onset to provide a controlled, contained, and flexible online platform that would properly serve our advertisers, and ensure that display advertising is then targeted at our various, specific, audiences. After all, this is what radio broadcasting does as it's core business, so we treat building our online audiences under the same guidelines and proven strategies.

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